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Battle of the...

Iconic Album Covers

The Clash - London Calling won the
Battle of the...Iconic Album Covers

On the way it beat:

The Velvet Underground & Nico 7 - 0 (1st round)

Nevermind the Bollocks 7 - 0 (QF)

Parallel Lines 7 - 0 (SF)

Nevermind 5-2 (Final)

Musical Decade

The 80's won the battle, beating the 70's in a close final

80's 4 - 3 70's

Indie Disco

Pulp's Common People won the battle of the... Indie Disco

On the way it beat:

Rocks (Primal Scream) 7-0 (1st round)

Crash (The Primitives) 6-1 (QF)

I am the Resurrection (The Stone Roses) 6-1 (SF)

This Charming Man (The Smiths) 6-1 (Final)

Sitcoms (British)

Blackadder won the battle of the... Sitcoms

On the way it beat:

Citizen Smith 7-1 (1st round)

Rising Damp 6-1 (2nd round)

Yes (Prime) Minister 6-0 (QF)

Spaced 3-2 (SF)

Fawlty Towers 5-3 (Final)

TV Cop Shows

Cracker won the battle of the... TV Cop shows

On the way it beat:

Taggart, Bergerac, The Bill, The Gentle Touch
(among others in the group stage)

Kojak 6-1 (2nd round)

Inspector Morse 5-1 (QF)

Waking the Dead 5-2 (SF)

The Sweeney 4-2 (Final)


Shortbread won the battle of the... biscuits

On the way they beat:

Nice 6-1  (qualifying round)

Bourbon 5-1  (QF)

Garibaldi 5-1  (SF)

Plain chocolate digestive 4-3  (Final)


David Bowie won the battle of the... bands

On the way he beat:

Michael Jackson 8-0  (round 1)

The Police 8-0  (round 2)

Blondie 6-2  (round 3)

The Smiths 5-3  (QF)

Abba 7-1  (SF)

The Clash 5-3  (Final)

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