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Q.  How many people are registered to join in?
A.  Since we started in 2005 we've had an average of about 15 people (a mixture
     of adults and kids) each season in the various competitions.

Q.  How many different leagues are there for the Predictor competition?
A.  There is currently one division with all teams in. If there are enough players
     for two divisions then a promotion and relegation battle takes place too.

Q.  Are there any other competitions?
A.  Yes, there are various cup competitions throughout the season, including
     an FA Cup one, and our own knockout 'Autumn Cup' competition. We also
     have a World Cup and European Championship tournament.

Q.  Is there an entrance fee?
A.  No

Q.  Can anyone join in?
A.  No. Only those known to us.

Q.  Do I need to register in order to join in?
A.  Yes. If you are ready to register, click here. Once you have registered, you
     don't need to again (for the different competitions or new seasons).

Q.  How does the points system work?
A.  For each game, you predict a score with the home team first, e.g. if Spurs
     are at home to Aston Villa and you put 2-1, you are predicting that Spurs win
     2-1. If Spurs win, you get 1 point. If they win 2-1 you get a further 2 points,
     giving you 3 points in total (if you correctly predict a game with four or more
     goals you get the same amount of points as there were goals).
     If the game was a draw, or Aston Villa won, you wouldn't get any points.
     There may be additional points available for jokers played and in guest games,
     as well as in the cup competitions (see the details page for more on how the
     points are calculated).)

Q.  How do I send my scores in?
A.  Click on the 'Scores 1' page each week and the fixtures for the coming
     weekend will be listed. You will only need to fill in your name, your pin
     number (which we will send you after you register), and your scores.
     Then all you need to do is click on the grey 'Submit' button and your
     scores will be sent to us.

Q.  What happens if I make a mistake?
A.  If you make an error while typing your scores, just press the grey 'Reset'
     button and start everything again. Alternatively you can just type over your
     incorrect score.

Q.  What happens if I want to alter a prediction already sent in?
A.  That's tough I'm afraid. Be careful when typing your details and scores, and
     check them before clicking on 'Submit'.

Q.  I might be away on holiday, or be unable to get to a computer to send my
     scores in. What do I do?

A.  As well as the upcoming weeks fixtures, we also list fixtures for the following
     week. You are not required to submit those, but if you know you will be away
     you can fill them in as well so you don't miss out by being away. To view, or
     send those in, click on the 'Scores 2' link.

Q.  I sometimes forget if I've already sent my scores in (if I did them early).
     What can I do to remember?

A.  There is a list of "early predictors" at the top of the Scores 1 page. If you
     sent your scores for those fixtures in early, your name will be added.

Q.  What happens if I forget to send my scores in. Do I get any points that

A.  Yes, you get 1 point less than the lowest score that week, up to a maximum
     of 5 points. This only applies to those who occasionally forget their scores. If
     you forget regularly then you will get zero.

Q.  Can we 'chat' with other players?
A.  Yes, we have a forum. Find out about it here.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.