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The Forum...

Since the site started we have had literally thousands of people
from all over the world register for the forum. Unfortunately for them,
it's a private forum with membership limited to just people who know us.

The list of places these requests have come from is huge, and includes...

China, USA, Australia, South Korea, Chile, Japan, Egypt and South Africa

Those people can't join... but if you know us you can!

Read more about it below, or click here for the forum itself.


Before you can post messages or reply to any you must register.  This is very simple and will only take you a minute, but it allows you to create your username / nickname, and a password.

*As a check to see if you do know us, one of the registration questions is:
"what football team does 'mrcambo' support?".
If you aren't sure of the answer, just ask an existing forum member.

You will have to provide an email address, in case you lose your password, plus it is used as part of the registration process. There is also a disclaimer, but it is mainly to say you won't use bad language etc. Due to the email requirement, there can only be one user per email address.

Click here for a brief guide to the registration process, and how to use the forum.  You should read it if you are registering someone under 13.

Click here to enter the forum.

Click here to read about the Chat Room and how to register.

Your ranking will begin as a 'Novice'... but will change as you post more messages over time... can you reach the top status?

Have fun!!!