Chart Points

  • Albums and Singles - If your artist appears in the top 100 album or main
    singles chart they score 25 points for a No.1-5 placing, 20 points for 6-10,
    15 points for 11-20, 10 points for 21-50, and 5 points for 51-100.

  • Only the newest release album counts, and singles from it. Should an older album or single also be in the charts they don't score points.

  • Singles only score points during the 8-week album 'period'.

  Other Points

  • NME & Guardian Reviews

    Albums reviews get marks out of 10 in the NME (or on NME.com)
    and out of 5 in the Guardian on Friday. Your artists will score 10
    times their combined review scores.

  • Later With Jools Holland

If one of your artists performs on the show during the competition (regardless of the 8-week period) you earn 40 points (only one app scores).

  • Mercury Music Prize

- "exists solely to champion UK music. The music on the album is the only
   thing taken into account.

50 points for being one of the 12 nominations. 50 extra points for winning. (nominations July, award Sept)


  • Make sure you are familiar with the band guidelines before choosing your