• Similar to other 'fantasy' competitions, this one sees you buying & selling artists and groups for your band, and they will score you points depending on their success.

  • You are given £1,000,000 to spend on your band during the pre-summer period (virtual money, sorry). Your 'bank balance' will be topped up when the competition restarts after the summer break (amount to be decided).

  • Each group or artist in your band costs you an amount, taken from your balance. The value of each artist depends on their potential chart success.

  • They score chart points for a maximum of 8-weeks from the release of their album, but only while you retain them. Outside the 8-weeks they will only score you points should they appear on Later with Jools Holland during the competition year, or get nominated for the Mercury prize.

  • You may buy and sell a band member during the 8-week period (not just prior
    to the album release), but the initial price is subject to change, as well as a bid/offer spread. The secondary market price will depend on the likely chart success in the remaining weeks.

  • The fixed price prior to release can rise or fall depending on demand. Get in first for the best price!

  • The Fantasy Band week runs from 6pm Sunday to Sunday, so the purchase
    of a band at 8pm on a Sunday wonít score chart points until the following weekendís chart release.

  • NME reviews come out on the Wednesday before an album release. Therefore to earn NME review points you must have bought the artist/band by the Tuesday evening of the week prior to the albumís release.

  • A list of bands/artists, their album release dates, and their price, can be found on the Prices page.

  • You may build your band, and invest all your money, at the start of the competition period, spend it gradually, or buy and sell members regularly...
    it's your choice.

  • From the Wednesday prior to the album release, the price of an artist goes
    from fixed to a variable price, with a margin/spread between the fantasy bankerís buying and selling price. You can buy or sell any artist you want
    from then until the end of their 8-week period.

  • If youíre looking to sell an artist, and someone else is interested in buying them, then rather than dealing at the fantasy bankerís price [daylight robbery, Ed] you can negotiate a trade between yourselves, then email me the details.

  • The list of artists to invest in will be updated as album release dates are confirmed, while the 'secondary market' bid/offer prices can be amended at
    any time.

  • The bid price for an artist will be zero for the final 3-weeks of the 8-week scoring period.

  • This is a Forum related competition, and so you need to be a member of our Forum to enter.

  Band Name & picture/logo

  • Just keep them reasonably clean please!

  Competition Period

  • The competition will run from Jan 31st to the end of November, split into two periods, with a break during the summer (dates to be confirmed).


  • Make sure you are familiar with how the scoring works before choosing your band members. Check the Points page for all the scoring information.