The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion (PS3)


This role playing game will, and should be, remembered as a
classic, and it’s possibly the best game I have ever played!

Gameplay: 98%
Oblivion takes place in the huge fantasy world of Tamriel. It's a world full of fun and adventure that you can easily get lost in for hours at a time.

You begin the game by selecting a race, class and birth sign to create your character, and there are so many to choose from I will only mention a few. You could be a Nord who are very strong aggressive human looking creatures, a Breton or Imperial, who are both human but have different skills and attributes. There are also three types of Elves you could be, a Khajiit who are Lion like people, and they are good if you're thinking of being a thief as their sneak skill is good. Argonians are Lizard like people, who like the Elves are not strong or weak at anything, although personally I think that the Dark Elf would be better for magic, and the Argonian for a combat role. Finally you have the Orc’s, who are skilled aggressive fighters that look a bit like Shrek (or Wayne Rooney!).

The classes are the typical role-playing types, such as warriors, wizards, and thieves. For example, a ‘Warrior’ is very strong fighter; ‘Thief’s are ideal for stealing; ‘Shadow’ are very good at sneak and the ability to turn invisible, while ‘Apprentice’ are very good at magic. You can also be male or female and this decision can make a difference to personality skills and fighting skills, e.g. if you were a male Breton you would have better strength points than a female, but the female would have better willpower.

There really is so much to do in the world of Oblivion, and once you create your character, the world is yours to explore. The main storyline is that the emperor is dying, and you see him die right at the beginning of the game. Just before he dies though he gives you the Amulet of Kings to give to a man called Jauffre who can help you to find the emperors only remaining son. This involves closing a set of gates to the dark side of Oblivion, which spawns loads of evil creatures that are attacking the cities of Tamriel.

If you stick to the main story quest, it will still take over 30 hours to complete, but the majority of the content in the game has no link to the main storyline. There seem to be hundreds of other side quests you can do that might start with something simple like hunting deer in a forest, and it will turn into an exciting adventure as you are attacked by bandits. There are also dozens of caves to explore, and any loot you find you can sell to traders in the towns. Then once you have earned enough money you can buy your own house in a town.

All the towns are different, and the houses you can buy are too. For example, the worst is in the main Imperial City everyone is friendly and there are loads of shops, but the houses there are more like shacks, while the best is in Skingrad which is the nicest area in the game, and if you can ever afford it you will have yourself a three storey dream home.

Graphics: 96%
The graphics in Oblivion are really amazing as well. Tamriel is a huge country to explore and it is full of great places to visit. Whether you are taking in the views as you ride your house up a mountain path, swimming in lakes, searching caves, or walking around the towns, the graphics are superb.


Sound: 98%
The sound couldn’t get any better with well suited music for each environment. If you meet an enemy the music will change and get louder, while the weapon sound effects are great, as when you fight with a sword, staff, axe, mace or bow, they all make their own unique noise.


Online: None

Value: 98%
When I got oblivion I hardly looked at my other games! The game should last you a very long time mainly because there is so much to do.

I think you’ve got the idea by now. This RPG is possibly the best game I have ever played.

Overall Score: 97%