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What the British say...

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Parenting... who says
it needs to be difficult?

Gothic Twister

India - where you call when you have PC problems!

Zoo warning

A Pie Chart!

Men & women at work!


Is this meant to stop
you from drinking, or
to encourage you?

Mobile with excellent
camera for sale

Economic Meltdown!

Cars - for advanced
IKEA shoppers only

Darwin Awards Nomination

Chav Nativity Play

Kermit's medical shock!

Our new barbeque!

Every now and then
a genius is born!

Proof that a man always needs a good wife!!

Oh Dear!

Suicide Attempt in Glasgow


In the old days...

Understanding Women: Volume 1




There's always an idiot
to ruin your holiday pics!



Books for the modern child


Decisions we need to
make before going out!


Petrol problems

How long before
they notice?

Motorbike for sale!

Who needs fancy
computers to predict
the weather?





How things have changed...

Well Done

Frank enjoyed his hols

Why boys need parents...

Furniture Sale

No One is Above Suspicion!

No need to spend
too much eh?

Moses' first bath

Unfortunate Exhaust Pipe!

Submarine Race!

Is this funny?

My latest research

Bad Parenting...


Who is focussed on
the game ahead?